SUPERTRAIN 2023 - APRIL 15, 16, 2023



SUPERTRAIN 2023 Information:

All vendors and exhibitors who did not participate in the 2017, 2018, 2019 or 2020 Shows (shows 2020, 2021,and 2022 were cancelled because of the pandemic; Show 2020 applicants are already in our data base although the show was cancelled) must apply to SUPERTRAIN 2023 by completing an Application Request (below) requesting space in the show. This is the first step in the application process. Next we will send you an Application form in late Oct / early Nov applicable to your Exhibit Category.

SUPERTRAIN 2017, 2018, 2019 and 2020 Exhibitors will be sent an Application form automatically.

The application process is done on-line:

STEP 1 - Submit your Application Request using the link at the bottom of this page (new applicants only).
STEP 2 -In the fall, receive via e-mail an invitation to apply containing a link to the Application Form which invites you to specify your requirements in detail.
STEP 3 - Submit your completed Application form using the Submit button on the form..
STEP 4 - If paying via cheque, print the invoice via a link in the acknowledgement e-mail and Forward payment by mail to SUPERTRAIN at the address in the invoice. If paying via PayPal, you will be sent a PayPal invoice for payment. If paying by e-Transfer, the address is
STEP 5 - Receive your final confirmation after we have ensured that everyone will fit

Sending in your Application Request or completing an Application form does not automatically guarantee you space at the Show. The Show Committee confirm selected vendors and potential exhibitors to participate. The Committee will use its best judgment to select from amongst all applicants those which it believes will provide the best over-all Show.

Application forms for SUPERTRAIN 2023 will be distributed by mid-November.

Application forms should be submitted as early as possible to ensure priority consideration in case of space constraints. Applications received after January 15, 2023 will be placed on a waiting list and considered as space is available.

Selections will be made based on suitability and space available and all applicants will be notified as to their status in February 2023. Additional information will be mailed to accepted applicants at that time.

The Show welcomes and encourages Junior modelers to enter exhibits or layouts. If you wish to display in this category, please indicate that you are a Junior modeler in the appropriate box under Hobby.

Note:If your information is incomplete or your payment for requested support items has not been received, this may result in your request not being considered. If you have not been selected, any payment will be refunded

SUPERTRAIN 2023 will be held Saturday April 15 and Sunday April 16 at the Genesis Centre, Calgary, Alberta. Further information can be found elsewhere on our website.


- Hobby exhibitors are non-commercial individuals or groups with operating or static train related displays such as model train layouts, or model or prototype train related collections or artifacts. Hobby exhibitors do not sell or promote any goods or services. Hobby exhibitors do not pay for space but are charged for any show provided infrastructure. Hobby exhibitors share in the profits of the show, if any.

- Vendor exhibitors are commercial organizations/ individuals whose presence at the show is to sell or to promote sales of goods or services. Vendors pay for all space and infrastructure according to a defined fee structure. Vendors do not share in the profits of the show.

- Display exhibitors represent non-profit organizations that promote model railroading, railroad history, or modern railroading, as hobby, tourist, or recreational pursuits; or organizations promoting railway safety and awareness. Selling of organization-related items such as memberships or souvenirs is permitted, provided any funds raised are directed to the principle non-profit purpose. Such organizations are overwhelmingly, though not necessarily exclusively, run and operated by volunteers. Displays are manned by organization staff whose purpose at the display is not-for-profit. Display exhibitors will be provided (if requested) a free 10' booth space with one 8’ dressed table and two chairs. Additional space, tables, and chairs will be charged at normal rates. Displays do not share in the profits of the show.

SUPERTRAIN is not a swap meet or flea market and the selling of used private merchandise is not permitted at this show.

Application Request for SUPERTRAIN 2023
April 15 - 16, 2023
(New applicants only)