One of our biggest concerns voiced about the show for the past 10+ years is that there isn't enough parking. This year, we're doing something about it!

If you show up at the Genesis Centre and find the parking lot full, we suggest you take a short drive over to Calgary Transit's McKnight-Westwinds CTrain station and park there. You'll find just shy of a thousand parking spaces available, and we are chartering not one but two complimentary shuttle buses between McKnight-Westwinds and the Genesis Centre! (thanks to Calgary Transit and our team of Calgary Transit employees volunteering their time to run the service!)

There'll be a bus approximately every 10 minutes at the two stops, starting around 8:20 am from McKnight-Westwinds with the last bus from the Genesis Centre at 5:30 pm.

The best part? For most of the trips, you can skip the ticket line by buying your admissions (cash only) on the shuttle bus!

Take a look at the attached map to see where the bus will be stopping at the two points, and we'll see you on board!

In collaboration with Calgary Transit, extra parking is available for free at the McKnight-Westwinds station, and one of the two complimentary shuttle buses will safely drive you to SUPERTRAIN and back to the station. Look for the SUPERTRAIN Shuttle sign on the buses.

View or print map for SUPERTRAIN Shuttle

FAQ’s - SUPERTRAIN Shuttle Bus

Q: Is there any cost to ride the shuttle bus?

A: No! This is a free service provided by the Calgary Model Railway Society for attendees, exhibitors and volunteers of SUPERTRAIN.

Q: How long is the trip?

A: Depending on traffic, we estimate 10 minutes from McKnight-Westwinds to the Genesis Centre, and approximately 6 minutes to return.

Q: When does the first bus leave McKnight-Westwinds?

A: 8:20 am.

Q: When does the last bus leave the Genesis Centre?

A: 5:30 pm.

Q: How can I tell if I’m on the right bus?

A: The bus has a SUPERTRAIN SHUTTLE sign in the windows.

Q: Can I bring a stroller or a wheelchair on the bus?

A: Yes! Our buses are fully accessible.

Q: What is the frequency of the service?

A: There should be a bus every 10 minutes at each of the stops.

Q: Does the bus stop anywhere other than the Genesis Centre and McKnight-Westwinds?

A: We run an express service. Other than stops mandated by traffic signals and stop signs, the buses run non-stop.

Q: Are we allowed to park at McKnight-Westwinds?

A: Yes. Please park within the stated restrictions of the parking lot.

Our sincere appreciation to Calgary Transit and our volunteer operators for making this service happen!