SUPERTRAIN Application Request

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1. Hobby exhibitors are non-commercial individuals or groups with operating or static train related displays such as model train layouts, or model or prototype train related collections or artifacts. Hobby exhibitors do not sell or promote any goods or services. Hobby exhibitors do not pay for space but are charged for any show provided infrastructure. Hobby exhibitors share in the profits of the show, if any.

2. Vendor exhibitors are commercial organizations/individuals whose presence at the show is to sell or to promote sales of goods or services. Vendors pay for all space and infrastructure according to a defined fee structure. Vendors do not share in the profits of the show.

3. Display exhibitors represent non-profit organizations that promote model railroading, railroad history, or modern railroading, as hobby, tourist, or recreational pursuits; or organizations promoting railway safety and awareness. Selling of organization-related items such as memberships or souvenirs is permitted, provided any funds raised are directed to the principle non-profit purpose. Such organizations are overwhelmingly, though not necessarily exclusively, run and operated by volunteers. Displays are manned by organization staff whose purpose at the display is not-for-profit. Display exhibitors will be provided (if requested) a free 10' booth space with one 8’ dressed table and two chairs. Additional space, tables, and chairs will be charged at normal rates. Displays do not share in the profits of the show.

SUPERTRAIN is not a swap meet or flea market and the selling of used private merchandise is not permitted at this show.