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Location Exhibitor Location Exhibitor
CG-51Glen Collin Artworks CG-52Pacific Fast Mail
CG-53iTinkr / Thor 3d Computers
CG-55Bowser Manufacturing CG-56LokSound ESU LLC
CG-57Rapido Trains Inc CG-58Rob Arsenault (Weather My Trains)
CG-59Prairie Shadows Model Railway Co CG-61Ngineering
CG-62John R Morris Railway Model Services CG-L50CMRS South Bank Theatre
CG-L51Wildwood Model Railway Group CG-L52Yellowhead Rail Club
CG-L53Miketon CG-L54Chuft
CG-L55Z-Scale Layout by Tim CG-L56Foothills & Western Z-Rail Association
CG-L57Wolverine Lynx Railroad CG-L58O Scale Guild
CG-L59Rocky Mountain Model Club CG-L60Heritage Boiler Association of Alberta
CG-L61South Bank Short Lines CG-L61CMRS SBSL
CG-L62A warm summer day in Laird CG-L63The Brotherhood
F1-21Kellys Kaboose, The Railway Store F1-22SoundTraxx
F1-23Moose Creek Trees F1-24Alberta Railway Museum
F1-25Alberta Prairie Railway Excursions F1-26Rocky Mountain Rail Society
F1-27The Photo Grail F1-28Elevation Media
F1-29LPD Publishing F1-30Marc Simpson Railway Photographs
F1-31HobbyTech F1-32Top Dog Models
F1-33Pacific Scale Rail Ltd. F1-34Trains and Such
F1-L21The Carbon Railroad F1-L22Railroad Watches & Clocks
F1-L23Ridge Springs Railway F1-L23Itty Bitty Railroad
F1-L23Big Hill Display F1-L24Leonardo Rappazzo Junior
F1-L25Edmonton N-Scalers- ESMRE F1-L26Calgary LEGO Train Club
F1-L27Calgary EuroRail Express F1-L28Calgary N-Scale Traksters Society (Cantrak)
F1-L29Vancouver Traingang F2-41Aspen Crossing Railway
F2-42Art Knapp Trains F2-43Dave Manzer Book & Railroadiana Sales
F2-44Central Hobbies F2-45The Choo Choo Shop
F2-46Bachmann Industries F2-L41Calgary Model Trainmen
F2-L42Independent Free-mo Operating Group F2-L43Rocky Mountain Garden Railway
F2-L44Bow Valley Model Railroad Club F2-L45Brick Master Railways
F2-L46North Okanagan Model Railway Association F2-L47Big Trees R.R.
F2-L48Kingsley & Frogall F2-L49Gary Ward
FACMRS Guides FA-81Heritage Art Editions
FA-82Calgary Transit FA-83Quality Trains
FA-84Avenida Art Gallery FA-85Kimberleys Underground Mining Railway
FA-86North American Railcar Corporation FA-87Model Train Travel
FA-88InterMountain Railway Company FA-89Ultimate Trains Ltd
FA-90PNR - NMRA - 6th Division FA-L81Alberta Model Engineering Society
FG-01Way Back When FG-02Badger Airbrush Co.
FG-03SAIT FG-04Hobby Wholesale
FG-05poster plus FG-06Johnies G B Imports
FG-07The Dispatcher FG-08Signalogic Systems
FG-09Displays By George FG-11U-Rail83
FG-12Britannia Models FG-L01Thunder Creek Model Railroad Club
FG-L02LaBaJa FG-L03West Central Railroad
FG-L04Edmonton Train Collectors Association (2012) FG-L05The Danforth Mainline Railway
FG-L07RockyRidge Model RailRoad Club FG-L08Calgary British Railway Modellers
FG-L09Tyler Family Layout FG-L10Thomas Goes Nowhere
FG-L12Calgary Free-mo FG-L13Craig Kembley
FG-L14Seguins HO FG-L15Big Boy Display
FG-L16Mexicali Grande MCMRS Face Painting
MCMRS Scouts M-101Heritage Park Historical Village
M-102CN Railways Historical Association M-103Alberta Central Railway Museum Society
M-104Great Canadian Plains Railway Society M-105Revelstoke Railway Museum
M-106Canadian Railroad Historical Association M-L101CMRS Members Diorama Showcase
M-L102Calgary and South Western, Div of CRHA M-L103Iron Horse Park o/a AME Society
OutsideCanadian Pacific Police Service OutsideCP Mini Trains

Location Codes:

CG - Community Gym
F1 - Fieldhouse - Field 1
F2 - Fieldhouse - Field 2
FA - Fieldhouse - Aisleway
FG - Feature Gym
M - Mezzanine

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